Heatcamps first opened its doors January 20th 2014, based in a small community centre in Garston, armed with a small camping tent, kettle bells, iPod docking station and a vision from 2 people who where willing to dedicate their lives and sacrifice everything they had to bring their idea to life.

That’s exactly what this couple did; they sacrificed everything, stopped doing their day jobs and believed in their idea 100 per cent. People around them would try to persuade them that this would never work or that it was a silly idea and some people even laughed out loud, listening to the couple describe their vision.

Heatcamps is now a hugely established brand in the North West, providing the highest quality of training sessions with brand new fresh routines designed everyday. Not only will you be supported and motivated with an energetic performance from our team, but our instructors are specially trained to work around specific injuries and medical conditions making our doors open to anyone of absolutely any fitness level.

The Heatcamps team is dedicated, determined and always smiling from the second you walk in to the moment you leave.

“You are treated as an individual, not as a mass market” – this is a statement from a client who has been attending Heatcamps since our early days.

So how was this idea created and why?

When it comes to exercise and changing our bodies, most of us are impatient to see results. On top of this impatience, we’re all constantly busy and the thought of taking 2 hours a day to schedule exercise is daunting. Add in our anxiety of exercising incorrectly and feeling underacheived and overworked and you can see the need for Heatcamps.

Exercising in our heated environment speeds up body fat reduction and improves internal organ function. Our 35 minute sessions fly by and are broken up with a water break after the first 17-minute segment before we launch into the final 17-minute segment. Our instructors take their time to demonstrate each and every exercise and make it round to everyone in the class, ensuring the exercises are being performed correctly or offering adaptations, modifications or new exercises to suit you.

With Heatcamps you’re about to open your eyes to a whole new generation of exercise, where the only thing you will regret is not finding us sooner.

Love from,

The Heatcamps Team

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